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The ICT Innovation Cluster
The ICT Innovation Cluster is a network of excellence that has more than 150 members, coordinated by the Torino Wireless Foundation as managing authority.
The members belong to three different categories: the companies, with the presence of both large reference organizations for the ICT sector and the territory, and medium and small companies, able to express innovative liveliness and interest in investing in development paths; the universities and research institutes, with the direct participation of all the Piedmontese universities and private research Institutes of reference for ICT technologies; the key players in supporting innovation in the ICT sector, from the creation of technological enterprises to technologies and infrastructures for data transfer and processing.

As a steering organization, Torino Wireless promotes company collaboration on innovative projects, analyzes company needs in terms of specific innovation services, and organizes networking activities to define the Pole’s strategic agenda and yearly plan of activities to be approved and financed by the Regional Government of Piedmont.


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