The Lombroso16 project was founded as a place of contamination of ideas, expertise, commitment, expertise in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčliterature, art and design.

The cooperation between cultural associations of the territory, public libraries and the district have the ambition to create a cultural center that is reference on these issues for the city of Turin.

The premises are intended to implement cultural projects that are to outline and support the new neighborhood library dedicated to Natalia Ginzburg.

The spaces they want to be useful places to the promotion of activities focused on creativity in general, about the book, about art and design in particular. They are designed to accommodate events, workshops and courses offered by associations, institutions, clubs, public or private organizations and individual citizens.

They are managed by a group of organizations that have decided to commit themselves to a dynamic and propulsive, landmark and gathering place for citizenship, with attention to quality of services and the proposed initiatives.

The goal is to make it completely self-sufficient and financially independent of government grants the project. For this reason it focuses on the proactive approach from the users of the structure according to the principles of participatory planning.

Website: www.lombroso16.it/

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