Netinfo is a school of Art and Technology based in Tunisia. More than 16 years of experience in order to offer a multiplicity of training based on 2D and 3D audio-visual production techniques, visual special effects and video games. Netinfo is a Autodesk Training Center , it is also approved by the Tunisian Ministry of professional training . Our team works laboriously to promote the totality of its program training combining creation and technology in aim to be in adequacy with the dynamics of the professional market. Netinfo was based in Nabeul (Tunisia North-east)tourist and academic city, where tradition and modernity cohabit. Currently we opened our second site in Tunis, to track all the news and to be in tune with all the events related to digital technologies. In short, Netinfo is made conspicuous by its undeniable reputation, join the useful to the pleasant is its principle, perfect the talent of its students is its priority, inculcate to their students a make knowledge, a live knowledge and a being knowledge is its currency.