Institute of Software Technology, Graz University of Technology

Wolfgang is the head and founder of the Catrobat project which provides a visual free game making environment on smartphones (no PC or tablet is needed to create games) that is strongly inspired by MIT’s Scratch but independently developed natively for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and HTML5/Javascript and intended primarily for teenagers. The main app is Pocket Code, available on Google Play at and the Catroid team regularly organizes game Jams such as 2015’s (together with the MIT, the British Library and Google). As of April 2016 Catrobat’s apps have been downloaded close to 500.000 times. The software is free open source and available in many languages, interfaces wirelessly with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorms and a few other robots, and in May 2016 a 2D physics engine will be released for the Android version. All uploaded games can be found on --- more details: