Cookie Box, S.L.

Cookie Box, located in Barcelona (Spain), has been delivering Gamification and Transmedia Storytelling solutions during the past 8 years. Several Transmedia platforms apply depending on the challenge: more than 30 short movies have been developed under our “Dramanagement” seal for real clients with HQ standards besides other media such as comics, comics in motion, teasers, workshops, board games, Gamified apps and platforms, mini games, ARGs and so on. Our sustained experience in the design and implementation of disruptive solutions for the Marketing, HR and Educational fields benefits from this triangular formula: Art plus Technology plus Management. Everything is designed for real clients with powerful behavioral and motivational needs for their employees. We apply our own pedagogical model where our aim is to transform organizations. Therefore we are highly focused in operating with people through their emotions (heart beats) while respecting the “technical” objectives as they are always present (brain beats). We have experience with a full range of audiences in terms of age, cultural layer, experience, skillset, player type, etc.
Cookie Box is a creative partner that will offer inspiration, guidance and valuable input to the project practice while exploiting its creative expertise. This can help establishing the innovate and productive work processes as needed along this project. Our key partners, to mention some, are Simon, Sanitas, BSH, KPMG, Affinity, Hospital de Sant Pau, Lander, Damm, etc.
Cookie Box has experience in EU Projects and it is currently one of the partners within the “Playing for Real” (Gamification for Hard to Reach Adults) EU Research Project.