About this Game

Who Will” is a local party game for 3 to 7 players in which players create a character each round to inherit the matching object which they desire. Each round a different player is the Notary, who ultimately decides the distribution of the inheritance. The goal for the heirs is to make their character the best match for the object they want. Should the selfie stick go to ‘Melissa the fabulous assassin who hates cats with a passion’ or to ‘the worst airline pilot who isn’t even supposed to be here today’? The theme was “Make a positive impact on the real world”. We followed the theme by making a game that’s mostly played in the real world; most interactions in the game happen outside of it, it’s a very social game. Besides that, the goal was to make it feel very positive by making people laugh.




Thomas Jager, Freek Verheijde, Harm-Jan Wiechers