TmathT – Under Expressure
from Turin JamToday 2016

About this Game

The game has been developed for people from 11 to 14 years old. It could be used during the lessons by the multiplayer mode : infact students must collaborate to find the combination for defuse the ink bomb.
The #BOMBTEAM is now developing a version for tablet and smartphone that will be avaible soon.
The purpose of the game is to make the students learn how to solve math’s problems with a gamer component that makes all more interesting.
Besides math the students have to face another obstacle, represented by the logical riddles. They are located between two levels :
when you solve them, you can approach another room ( with a new level ).
Every chapter have a new and more difficult math expression which is the key to discover the vandal.
“TmathT : Under Expressure” is a puzzle game developed by  #BombTeam




Teodosio Scazzi, Lorenzo Rinaudo, Carlo Baroni, Davide Cavagnuolo, Giovanni Volpintesta, Samuele Bianchi, Anna Maria Morra