from Paris JamToday 2014

About this Game

TamADO is a novel­game on parental awareness of the risks that may be encountered by teenagers while using social networks. The game teaches parents and teenagers what are those risks and how to improve their security.
The player has to take decisions and to guide his teen through the events of her 13th year. The prototype includes the first episode, a sequence of three events to which the player has to react. Those decisions will have consequences in the short and long term, all leading to the happiness or not of the teenager. The goal is not to led the parents to forbid the use of social networking by teenagers, but to help them make sense of things, to keep in touch with their teens and teach them how to responsibly use social networks.
Extensive research on the subject would extend the event tree to give a true teaching in this area. The prototype shows problems related to social networks, especially Facebook. The ultimate goal should present other social platforms, but also public and private chats, forums, blogs, etc… The means of communication should extend to smartphones and tablet to cover as many cases as possible. The social network use is a sensitive issue, as some real cases can lead to suicide of the teenager. Here, the character design is simple and childlike and scenarios do not push as far into the consequences. Myrtille reactions are greatly exaggerated and shown in most naive case. The player’s goal is to understand the character and observe her next reaction.




Anne Lautrou, Shiraz Bazin-Moussi, Solen Rullaud, Garry Williams