from France JamToday 2015

About this Game

Symptomaniac is a simulation, thinking and speed oriented game where you have to take the role of the head doctor in the emergency room of a Hospital!
Inside this mobile game, the player will have to manage patients with many symptoms. You will meet them along your journey from a small clinic to a general hospital in a big city and you will have to help them by choosing the right service with the right diagnosis.
With this game we want:
– To help players manage between an emergency case as well as a smaller one.
– To make the player think about his own symptoms before going to the emergency.
– To be conscious about how difficult it is to manage and give an appropriate orientation for the patients.

With his advancement in the game, the player will be confronted to harder case to judge inside the emergency. The more he unlock levels, the more he will be able to add fame to his hospital.
“Symptomaniac, what are your symptoms?”
The ZIP contains the game and more information about it.



Symptomaniac Team

Paul Lillo Esquerré, Lizandro Becerra, Marlène Vankerckhove