About this Game

Slot Typer, is focused on the use of interfaces.

It is a game of extreme typing to make agile the use and adaptation of main interfaces of a modern computer, such as the keyboard and mouse. Screenshots below!!


Note: the version uploaded was made for Windows only. Sorry! :(

The zip contains a rar with the game itself. Extract it to a folder you choose.

To play the game, double click the item called “SlotTyper.exe”.

Enjoy it. Yes, it is part of the process ;)


– Click on the button at the bottom to start

– Switch rails by pressing TAB; it will make the selection cycle through the three rails

– Type the names that appear in the lower part of the screen to get rid of the item!

– To won (*) you should last till the clock at the top left corner is full

– To exit the game: ALT + F4


Have you ever seen your mom writing an email? “Dear <whoever>, How ar e   t   h   i     ng   s …”. Yeah, horribly slow and error prone!

So, at SuperTypers we though that one of the main problems with the ITs is their entry barriers! Let’s help those people out with the use of the keyboard with our “extreme typing” game, a game to:

– have fun

– learn how to place your hands and fingers properly to type

– type better, faster, wihtout er .. WITHOUT errors!

– are you from out of spain? well, the game is in spanish, so you will learn how to type few items. Tildes hurt.


The game you are executing is just a prototype resulting from the execution of our initial idea, for the I Game Jam that took place in Asturias, Spain. It is just a proof of concept around the idea, so we hope that you can see its potential and enjoy playing (*) it as much as we enjoyed developing it.

(*) Game programmers MUST beat it, not just enjoy it. You have an error counter at the top right: finish with 0.





Super Typer

Rafael del Riego Fernández-Nespral, Sergio Jiménez Jiménez, María Piris García, Pablo Bertrand del Río