Play and Comprehend
from Paris JamToday 2014

About this Game

Play and Comprehend is a serious game prototype intended for learning the basic uses of a computer. Our wish is to reach an audience excluded of ICT, including ongoing literacy populations, social or cultural inclusion persons, or just people who have never used a computer. The goal is to enable them to understand the basics of using the mouse, the keyboard and the computer interface through a series of mini-games. To do this, we brainstormed and designed the first mini-game in a long series dedicated to mouse movements using a cross-cultural iconography and a representation in pixel art to immediately identify each visual, without any text except for the splash screen. The device is here imaged through the animal that represents it (i.e. the mouse) and the clearest possible targets, by picking a series of pieces of cheese throughout levels increasingly complex, thus requiring a certain level of precision. The scoring system, replaced by rewards, allows players to measure progress in controlling the movement of the mouse. Forward, Play and Comprehend development will add more mini-games intended to control the various functions of the mouse buttons (left, right and double clicks, drag and drop), but also uses the keyboard (alphanumeric keys, punctuation, keyboard shortcuts) and the interface. The purpose of this game is mainly dedicated for welcoming audience type structures like public computer learning areas, community centers, adult schools and associations related to integration. 




Nordine Djabouabdallah, Edgar Castro, Pierre Proudhon, Claire VĂ©tillard