Move your App! // Bouge de l’App 1.0
from France JamToday 2015

About this Game

Enhance the French public health message “Manger, Bouger”(Eat & Move).
A simple and understandable slogan, but in practice quite difficult to follow.
Move your App! offers the opportunity to burn what we have eaten and thus move from prevention to application.
The game is a cycle between a mobile app and a NabazTag.
The mobile app gives you mission during the day like “Hey it’s dance time”.
At the end of the day, the Nabaztag detects when you come home and comments your day performance.
The downloadable ZIP contains this summary and more information in french about the game.



Lapin Team

Jérôme Dupire, Julie Stuyck, Vanessa Lalo, Guillaume Tiger, Johan Spielmann, Stéphanie Mader