About this Game

Teams were challenged to develop innovative solutions for games/apps that provide creative concepts for Grade 6 to 8 girls to learn/practice math skills.

We created an Android Application that is a two player game to practice math skills.

Matika Mate

Challenge your mates with a race to answer the most problems correctly and brush up on your math skills while you’re doing it. Learn about significant women in STEM fields, unlock new games as you complete the levels, and earn trophies along the way!

Have fun preparing for math tests without even realizing it. The first version of Matika Mate has two games for studying Geometry (Nets and Classifying shapes) and one game for Measurement (calculating perimeter, area and volume).



TO2 (Tiana, Olivia, & Olivia)

Tina McCormick
Olivia MacDougall
Olivia Perryman