from Enti-Citilab Jam Today 2016

About this Game

CREDITS: Toni, Sound designer; Laia Guerrero, Pablo Martin and Toni Calvo; Developers; Sara García, Gemma Guerrero and Ferran Puig, Graphic designers.
Target: This game is recommended for users between 5 and 8 years old to start understanding maths through a little bit of action. The goal is that they learn fast while they are having some fun.
Game history:  The game goal is to kill the monster that wants to erase mathematics. The player who plays the protagonist tries to stop the monster.. To solve this problem you have to go through some islands in order to solve some operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division following this order. Each level is superior than the previous one.

Mathematical Challenge: Our challenge is to drive the player to learn to resolve math operations in a fun and quick way.  Many games for 5-8 years old players are fight games. This game will suit their taste.

Each island host an operation type and the players needs to solve 5 operations. If the player answers correctly, a point is added, if the answers is wrong the point is subtracted.  The player needs two points to get the pass to the next island.
When you get 2 points you win the cup of that island. When the player gets 4 cups (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) is sent to the final island to fight the evil and tries to beat him by implementing the previous learning.



Best Gamers

Laia Guerrero, Pablo Martin,Toni Calvo, Sara García, Gemma Guerrero, Ferran Puig,