About this Game

The game is a social jogging game. It is a mobile application for Android phones. The purpose of the game is to activate young people to exercise and socialize with other people; to get them out of the house and find new friends easily.

MakeMyRun is targeted for 18-30 year old lonely young adults, who suffer the most – according to many studies – depression and loneliness (even more than older people). By playing this game people find and get new friends, do physical exercise regularly, have fun, get discounts and endorsements.

The main features of the game are following:
• registration and log-in -function,
• an interactive user interface: communication with your friends is easy, you see their pictures, points you have earned and shops where you can use points.
• a GPS locator to find new and old friends and
• personal elements to greet, praise and encourage you further.

The game is easy to take in use, just load it from Play Store. The interest why to play this social application is to collect points. You start collecting points immediately, when you start moving. If you go out with somebody else, it raises your points more. For example, you go jogging with several new friends, can be a tutor for a new runner or run twice a week in a month and get extra bonus points. With the points you can redeem for example sportswear for 10 % discount, get a free month from gyms etc.

To enable screen reader support, press shortcut ⌘+Option+Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press shortcut ⌘slash.



Happy Rabbits

Wei-Ming Chen, Sari Ullgren-Lajunen, Minna Mattila, Pirjo Koivunen