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About this Game

A game of espionage that wants to raise awareness about the risks involved in sharing personal information online.
The goal of the game is sensitize the player to the themes of privacy, identity thieft and data published on the net.  The player, in the role of the offender, can learn what are the ‘bad’ habits that people should avoid for their own good. The target are boys and girls aged between 11 and 25 years, that often they are people who put their data on the Internet without worrying about the dangers.
CRASH is a criminal organization that collects internet users’ data
to commit digital  frauds.
 After identifying their victims, the organization studies their habits, supplied by a not wise use of social networks, devices, applications.  It forms a dossier containing all the information needed to rob the unaware user.  

The game takes place in a digital reconstruction of the life of the computer users, where the protagonist Nick must act on the basis of proposals received CRASH organization.  By analyzing the dossier on the victim discovers how, when and where to act!

AIM of the game: Highlight the causes that make a user subject to a digital theft; Highlight the consequences of having undergone a digital theft; Show the structure of the Internet and its operating principles through the use of allegories and references in the virtual world.
ES: Home Address =IP address;
 Identification = username and password;
Antivirus= police (cyber world);
home =Pc:
Password = simple keys readily available

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Riccardo Moscatello, Edoardo Maida, Marco Giannitti, Thierry Fornetti, Gaetano Marrone (Team Captain)