Le canard à 3 pattes
from France JamToday 2016

About this Game

Le canard à 3 pattes is a board game which objective is to develop two main skills: modelization and calculation. In order to do so, players have to extract digits from pictures drawn on cards. Then they use basic operations on these digits in order to reach the number given by dices. As all players play at the same time, they have to perform these tasks as fast as possible.
The game can be used for a recreational purpose or as a training to develop modelization and calculation. If used in school, the teacher can take part in the game or serve as a referee when players disagree. If the teacher wants to focus on a specific set of operations, a set of operation cards can be used to remind players which operation they can use.



Les Otto Maths

Sébastien Hock-koon, Judicaëlle Live Lun, Marie Devin, Olivier Méresse