InDementia VR : Virtual Reality for Mental Health Experience
from JamToday II Game Jam Asturias Spain 2015

About this Game

InDementia VR is a virtual exhibition game about dementia symptoms. 
Developed for Oculus Rift DK2 , the player walks in a virtual museum with mental related pictures.
When the player get close to a picture , gets immersed into a 360 degree video and lives from the patient of dementia point of view the symptoms suffered, like language disorders or memory lost.
This way , the player 
can experience social interactions like the ones the dementia patient has to face in their daily lives.

Some of the recorded videos are also avaible in a youtube list and can be experienced with a Google Cardboard.

Welcome and clarification on the content of In Dementia VR
Symptoms of dementia and general recommendations
Symptoms: Memory loss. Difficulty recognizing people
Symptoms: Difficulties to understand what others are telling
Symptoms: Hallucinations

Just unzip the file, and execute 
ReleaseDemoGameJamDirect_to_rift if DK2 VR Headset avaible or ReleaseDemoGameJam.exe if not.

Discover the museum and the hidden 360 videos.


– If you have any technical question or you want to test an updated version / mac version of the app contact : 



Realidad Demencial

Health advisors : José María Terrero Rodríguez and Pilar Chanca Zardaín . VR Development and 360 video: Miguel Bandera. Video editing and Roleplay development: Isabel Álvarez González , Jesús Linera , Adolfo Lombardero Vega and