About this Game

Our game is designed for children age between 7-12. The goal is to educate children about good and bad habits regarding health issues eg. food, sleeping and excersise. We also wanted the game to be fun, well-designed and interesting to play with enough challanges. The aim was to demostrate these health issues using red cell as player moves inside blood vessel and showing how different choices affect your body from the inside. Our game has several levels and each level has sublevels where player is collecting points and earning stars. To complete entire game the player needs to make healthier choices during the game. This game will be available on Apple Store and can be played on iPad.

Link to presentation: https://prezi.com/utsvnix-vjpv/goal-help-red-cell-to-deliver-all-oxygen-to-the-hungry-cell/?utm_camp…




Aida Hubanic, Sari Hiltunen, Meiju Mäkinen, Alexand Fedorov, Roman Filippov