About this Game

And what if your meals change your gameplay?

Healthy quest wants to sensitize people towards good and healthy eating using a videogame.
There are two parts in the videogame.
In the first one the player has to create his character using his physical and personal data, then, before starting the real mission (second part), he has to select what he really had for lunch, dinner or breakfast.
The second part consists in a platform mission where the character’s statistics (strength, speed and resistance) are influenced by the player’s real meal properties: for example, if the player had a not very balanced lunch, it will be difficult for him to finish the mission.

Eating in a balanced way, the player’s character will become more skillful and strong but if the player will have an hamburger or fries once during a lunch..it won’t be a problem, as the statistics will balance accordingly do what he eats over a long period and will be not influenced so much just by eating junk food a single time!

“It’s a matter of food”



Healthy Team

Cristiano Desoli, Ilenia Nacci, Luca Taddeo, Luca Zamboni, Alessandro Zanzottera