About this Game

Healthy Child has been the winner of the II Game Jam Asturias!                              



Heatlhy Child
is a game 
aimed at children and teenagers for the promotion of healthy habits.
It uses arcade game mechanics, such as it could be used in Tetris or Arkanoid, thus joining playful and educational aspects. This game is released as a mobile and tablet app.
Developed in Unity 5, Healthy Child is an amazing and funny 2.5D game combining 2D sprites and 3D models. In the game, healthy and harmful items will be falling from the top of the screen and the player will have to move the character to collect the ones that he needs at that time for keeping in the right levels his health, food and toxicity for continuing playing.
The game also includes two options in the main menu to help players learn how to play the game and discover healthy habits that will help them making higher scores and having healthier lifestyle.

Download Healthy Child Game Jam Edition at Google Play Store or click here       

Tap with your fingers the right or left hand side of your phone to move your player through the screen. Your goal is to live as many years as possible maintaining your health, food and toxicity levels within their limits.
– If you want to improve your health, eat apples or play football
– If you are hungry, eat some apples or hamburgers, but be careful with the second ones
– If your health is low, take some medicines, but be careful with your toxicity levels
– Always avoid harmful substances such as tobacco
If one of your bars reaches its limit, your player will have to visit the hospital. Luckily, you will be able to continue playing twice before final game over. Your score will be determined by the age you pass away

The game you are executing is just a prototype resulting from the development made in the II Game Jam that took place in Asturias, Spain. The game is designed in an easy scalable system that allows developers to add more items and change their parameters (Health, food, toxicity) to improve playability very quickly. Also, the healthy habits menu could be expanded including more links refering to external sites specialized in diet and healthy habits




Healthy Boys

Daniel Berzocana López (Game Design, development), David Figueiras García (Game Design, 2D art, UI design, music composition), Felipe González Fanjul (Game Design, development), Javier Vicente Herrero (Medical expert), Julio César García Noval (Medical expert) and Pablo David Alvarez Cano (3D, art)