Granny, don’t die
from Game Jam Graz 2015

About this Game

This is a cardgame about modern family management. It’s a game for the whole family and should be mostly entertaining, but also encourage to get out of old family traditions being discriminatory and one way thinking. You can choose to play with 2-5 players. Everyone has to play one family member and has to balance health, happiness and family money watching out for himself, the family and grandma. She is a NPC character getting worse every day and someone has to sacrifice time so that grandma survives 10 rounds.
In its core it is a cardgame with NFC chips and an android app. You secretly scan your action of choice so no one knows, if you really went to work or were just playing on your console the whole day at home. The app also triggers certain events after every round which are based on the family situation. The goal is, that no one dies (grandma included) until the 10th round.




Thomas KATTER, Susanna KATTER, Massimo ROSIN, Andrea STACHEL, Markus WEGER