Gran Carriera
from Turin Game Jam 2015

About this Game

Gran Carriera is a running game about an athlete who aims to be the best.
Granka, the athlete, runs through this infinte game to preserve his perfect shape and become good enough to win athletic competitions. As he runs, he runs into many types of food, some are good for his health, some are not so good.
In order to keep running he needs to make choices about the food he eats, so that he doesn’t get too fat, too skinny or even unhealthy.
As you can see, the target of the game is to run as much as you can and keep winning trophies during Granka’s carreer.
The other, hidden, target of the game is to implicitly teach the player how important is to have a balanced nutrition and healthy habits.




Giorgio Abou Mrad, Cristian Gurra, Fabio Brignolo, Cristian Gurra, Sergiu Manuliu, Juan Puente, Gabriele Iovine, David Vittori