Fitty Runners
from Enti-Citilab Jam Today 2015

About this Game

Help Fitty to keep up in a healthy life style, go on shaping his body and to have a good diet!
Fitty wants to have a better physical form, but he don’t wants to do exercise!
 Fitty wants to have a healthy life style, and he wants to have a good diet, but he loves smoking, drinking alcohol and
eating non-healthy food!

 So, Fitty needs help, Fitty needs your help! Help him while he’s running, to avoid couches to not to fall on the sedentary
lifestyle, and avoiding bad habits as so as alcohol, smoking or non-healthy food, show him that good habits and good
food are better! 




Edgar Ajenjo, Jordi Casanova, Ferran Gutiérrez, Pau Morales, Lucho Suaya, Elisenda Torras, Óscar Zapata,