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About this Game

Adventure game to get and understand the elementary structure of the computer science . It aims to develop intuition and creativity, train the user’s attention through space exploration, using  the body to overcome the obstacle; it allows to change the process between teacher and student. 
The target are children 8-12. The player enter a space where find the objects to move and solve the puzzles. The metaphor is moon-like space where the peaceful PlusPlus –  aliens from the planet Compilator- were invaded  by the terrible “Buggys”.  Buggys are destroying their planet, so the PlusPlus, ask for help from their super hero, a child from the planet Earth.  The little super hero will be hampered by the invaders and he will try to defeat the Buggys They are still developing the prototype and they presented an enhanced version in the “New Game Designer” event on July, 1st at Milan University.  
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Scanga Marco, Carfora Matteo, Lidia Masala, Giovanni Perrone, Nunzio Cassisi, Serena Obert, Vanessa Rubino, Candita Bruno (Team Captain)