Circle of life
from Turin Game Jam 2015

About this Game

Circle of Life is a board serious game and minimum two players are required to play the game.
The purpose of the game is to highlight, how a regular and a well balanced style of life impacts the health and the quality of Life itself.
In this game the goal of each player is to have more points than the opponents, at the end of the game. The points are distributed at the end of each three phases of the game, which symbolize the three phases of human life; Youth, Adulthood and Old age.
Before each phase the player has to decide how to invest his resources in that particular round. This choice will determine the players score.
The effectiveness of the players choices will depend on which cards get activated each phase.
The key point consists of the gradual decrease of random component’s power: in order to win, it is convenient to invest in the right way in those factors which have a positive influence on our health during all the game, this could not be so evident to the player during the first phase, but clearly it is evident at the end of the game.



Mat Team

Matteo Giuseppe Spiri, Luca Margherito