from France JamToday 2015

About this Game

Nowadays, due to a turn on working society, Burn-out became a mass phenomenon.
Burn-out is a physical and psychological reaction from chronic occupational stress.
Stress issues at work became an important concern for business companies. It is considered a working risk that companies have to fight.
In Europe, 22% of workers are touched by occupational health and stress problems.
It’s important to let people know about this phenomenon and try to give them the keys to fight this problems, and reduce their pain at work.
Based on this observation, we chose to make a game to inform people about this sickness of our society.
The Game
Burnout is a multiplayer simulation game where all players gives actions to do to the same character. The players have to deal with the several working request to avoid being fired while trying to limit the stress endured by the game character by managing his resting time and breaks.
– 1 to 4 players
– Web browser
– About 5 min
– Point’n click

How to play
Choose how many players.
One click by player: The first player choose which action he wants the character to do, click and give the mouse to the second player, same for the second, third and fourth player!
When you arrived to Burn-out the player in action lose, and the others restart the game.
This prototype don’t have a positive ending, we choose to first show, how it can be hard sometimes to deal with a lot of request at work and no resting time for ourselves.
But we also think about a 2.0 version of the game, where we can show solutions to deal with it.

Wanna try the game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/66042804/
The downloadable ZIP contains this description and more information in french about the game.



BurnOut Team

Nordine DJABOUABDALLAH, Julie STUYCK, Edgar Javier CASTRO, Guillaume TIGER, Serge SMITAS, Vanessa LALO