Big Gun Theory
from Game Jam Asturias 2016

About this Game

The game constitutes a two-player adaptation of a game theoretical problem called ‘The Gunman’s dilemma’, in which two gunslingers bearing only one bullet each start by being very far apart (which makes for a small chance of hitting each other) but start slowly moving to each other (hence increasing those odds, which theoretically can go up to 100%).
Calculating the right (i.e. the precise percentage) time to shoot at is a hard mathematical problem which has amused generations of professionals, especially if some special conditions are included (for instance, a penalty can be added so that the player who shoots first may receive a lower winning pay-off than he who shoots second).
Game theory on of the most used today branch of applied mathematics, including in military, economical and political enviroments. Prior scientific studies show that, when playing a game similar to this repeatedly, even  those less versed in mathematics arrive at the correct solution, meaning that they are using their mathematical brain without them noticing, which leads to an amazing way of learning while playing!

On a Windows PC, you just have to execute the archive called guns.exe (the folder guns_Data must be on the same directory to work properly).



Big Gun Theory

Ignacio González (maths), Javier Rubial (programmer) and Pablo Expósito (programmer & UI designer)