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About this Game

A battle game for children between 10 and 13. Test your wits trying to overtake the rival turret, while you solve maths problems that unleash powerful spells!
“You are the lord of the castle and an evil magician’s tower appears in front of you.
You have to defend yourself summoning numbers. Your energy, which grows with time, leave higher numbers available, but when you choose a number you will spend your energy.
Your numbers will travel to the enemy tower and they will engage fights with enemy numbers in their way.
In a fight there is a subtraction, and the winner takes the new valour advancing one slot.
Only sending numbers is enough to defend yourself, but if you want to defeat the enemy you will need to answer some maths questions that show up while you play.”

The game is designed to play in 16:9 aspect ratio, so the recommend resolutions to play are 1280×720 and 1920×1080
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Battle Jam

Jose Raez Rodríguez<br />Joaquin J. Martínez<br />Raúl Jiménez Martín<br />Jose Del Aguila<br />David Alvarez Bermejo