About this Game

In the game there are two characters to choose: one male and one female. Later there can be more, and there will also be test for the player to choose the character that is mostly like the player him/herself.
Background is based on value network, that discribes our values about good life where all parameters are in balance. The game willl teach the player through player’s own thinking and realizing, not just telling the right or wrong things. And in real life, the choices can be sometimes better, sometimes worse, but there seldom are absolute wrong or right answers.
The goal of the game is to survive an to reach good balance between different life areas. There are three parameters: emotion, money and health. Sosio-economical status and emotions have influence to health also. Idea is to keep balance between alla these three areas. You can get 0 once during the game, and use your survival card but next time you get 0, you will die.



Flower Power

Vu Dao (developer), Terhi Itkonen-Isakov, Mauri Laakso and Viva Sippola (designers)