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About this Game

The idea of this game is to overcome barriers for people ignoring programming, using “emotional learning”. The concept underlying is “your present is your past”. Programming is a language, languages are based on rules, and rules are always existed. Starting from Sumeric tablets,  people using the same patterns so you already know what the game is going to teach you, and you can easily start the journey to learn programming, with the help of an  host leading you. The game means to help students in learning how to code. It’s a multilevel game made of several minigames
In the prototype only two level were realized:
1) using scritpt for moving some cells
2) introducing the “if”concept for jump over an obstacle
The play uses the historical metaphore of code as a language.
Target are higher secondary school students



Stromboli (ad interim)

Camillo Bosco, Giuditta Betti, Giulia Cardellino, Michele Petruzza, Alessio Mariani, Fabio Gemesio, Marcello Bozzi (Team Captain)