JamToday Game Scope on iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6Game Scope is a tool, developed by JamToday, to allow the structured validation / evaluation of the potential of game prototypes.

It helps non-expert reviewers to learn how to critically analyse game prototypes and how to discuss the elements that make up a good game concept. Expert reviewers can use Game Scope to maintain an objective and consistent approach to reviews, perhaps across multiple games.

Originally designed and delivered as a card pack, the tool comprises a set of 20 questions to be considered by a review team of up to 8 members.

Considering each question in order, a review is expected to take around 20 minutes to complete.

Team members take it in turn to read the question aloud to the other members of the group. The team then discuss the question and determine whether it is best answered as “Yes”, “No”, “Doubt” or “Not Relevant”.

The team then reviews the results, focussing on those categorised as “No” or “Doubt”, to determine what questions they may now ask the game developer.

The Game Scope tool is targeted at parties commissioning the development of a game or who want to develop a game to meet a purpose. As such it is useful to students and teachers of game design and the whole field of game development.

JamToday has developed apps that run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as smartphones and tablets running Android.

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