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It's Game Jam!

We started this morning with about 50 jammers! We have a wonderful presentation from Prof. DArio Maggiorini from University of Milan titled “All games are serious.. for real! ”  you can have look at some helpful material from this  Game Design from concept to implementation“. After the speech, the assignment was revealed

Develop a game that stimulates teachers and learners to work together with coding logic in order to promote critical thinking, creativity and design.

 At this point the teams was made through an iterative methods that allowed people who didn’t know each other to gather around similar ideas with different skills, IMAG1972 At this time teams are working around the game concept: they discussed their first ideas with the mentors that are giving them hints, suggestions and warning. IMAG1976 Stay tuned for next update

A Gaming culture is Growing - International Workshop


We are warming up engines for the Game JAM.. but CSP is working on gaming industry since two years thanks to the BooGames project.  BOO-Games is a project under the INTERREG IVC Programme, where 14 European partners work together to boost the European games industry. INTERREG IVC  provides funding for interregional cooperation with the aim to promote exchange  and transfer of knowledge and best practices among the European regions. The BooGames objective were to:


  • Strengthen the games sector in Europe
  • Support regional development authorities in understanding the importance of the games industry for the European economy
  •  Improve local and regional policies in the fields of digital and interactive media strategy
  •  Match together less experienced regions with more advanced regions which have already developed policies and strategies to support the game industry
  • Enable the transnational networking between regional initiatives in the game sector o better exploit their potential and exchange best practices and success factors
  • Contribute to Europe’s innovation and competitiveness by promoting mutual learning by means of interregional cooperation

During the Workshop, Soizic Tsin from the Serious Game Institute will present  the result of the first two years of  BooGame activities, with a special deepening on the Good Practice Guide that you can download from hereGood-Practices-ImageMoreover, Vincent Rey from Ile de France Region and Gabriella Serratrice from the Piedmont Region,  two regions partners of the BooGames project, will present their regional strategies to promote digital game industry.In the second part of the wokshop, Thalita Malago from AESVI (Italian VideoGames Association) will give some hint about the Italian landscape for videogames and serious game, then a round table with local videogame startup representatives  presenting their works and discussing their future projects.In the third part the JamToday project will be presented and some hints on the Game Jam will be provided.. and finally we’ll have time to discuss with a glass in your hands!Download  the program of the workshop

How to design a serious game . June, 10th Torino

We organized two events to prepare the Turin Jam Game; the first was on May 20 and was about “how to survive a Game Jam” and the next will take place on June 10th and it’s dedicate on “how to design a serious game” 

Making a video game is a challenge. Making a good serious game is a very hard challenge.
How can I make an usual activity fun? How do the experts help me to understand clearly the goal or the messages that I have to send to players via the game? How can I find the real balance between fun and learning?
The talk will explain you the process of designing a serious game in all of its development stages. 

Giuseppe-Enrico-Franchi-88x120Giuseppe Enrico Franchi
, 28, is one of the founders of 34BigThings srl. Software developer and game designer, he has a Master Degree in Game Design from the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. That’s where he meets Giacomo and Valerio, which whom he will start their own entrepreneurship. Giuseppe is interested in videogames as an educational medium, indie gaming, and game design for mobile platform. He spend most of his day in front of the screen coding CoffeeScript/HTML5, designing puzzles, or reading Kotaku. Passionate about gaming, Giuseppe would like to share his experience with those who would like to make videogames their professional career. 

 Marco Mazzaglia was born in Turin in 1974. At the age of 3 he had the first “contact” with computer and video games. Several years later he earned his degree in Computer Science at “Università degli Studi di Torino”, writing a graduation thesis about DyLog, a metalanguage of Prolog for the Artificial Intelligence. In 1996 with other 23 people he founded a Social Co-operative, “La Bussola”, in order to deliver services related to web technologies and to teach the use of the Internet to no lucrative organizations. In his first job he worked on web architectures and localization based services for the Ministry of the Interior and the Italian State Police. By January 2008 he works as IT Manager and Video Game Evangelist for Milestone; in this context, he takes care of the design and management of development systems and he works on the online game architectures.

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What is Turin JamToday?

CSP is a research organization in Turin and we are partner of JamToday. Together with the support of our project partners in Europe and in Italy and with the support of other local actors and sponsors we are organizing the first game jam for serious game in Italy.
It will takes place in the premises of i3P the incubator of Polytechnic of Torino

The Turin JamToday is a Game Jam for developing a serious games for learning in around 48 hours.

Jam Organiser

Eleonora Pantò