Turin JamToday 2016

01-10-2016  to  02-10-2016

That game is a bomb!

The 2016 edition of the Turin Jam Today was exciting and intense as ever. 50 participants in 8 teams have squeezed their brains to find a way to make “playable” mathematics: a topic that has sparked the imagination beyond the best expectations.

The two day event began Saturday, October 1 opened with the welcome of the organizers and the unveiling of the theme of the Game Jam “The Final Countdown”, followed Prof Dario Maggiorini of PONG University of Milan on how much maths there is in video games and why it is important to study it, and also presented a game made by his students .

In less than 15 minutes the teams were operational and the game jam came alive. This year for the first time were also included withing the game jam, some gamification element  and teams were also challenged in acquiring the “Diversifier” points.

At 11.30 all teams had a name, a leader, a slogan and a logo as well as a first idea of the game. Arount 16.30 the concept of the games concept  were generally defined and each team had created his own group on facebook.
This year it was not possible to accommodate the teams for the night. Our jammer do not lose heart: everyone  found a solution to continue working as a group at someone’s house or at a distance.
At 7 in the Sunday, October 2  we reopened the doors and teams restarted – or better continued – to work: a team withdrew due to health problems of the participants, while another team of young students (17 years old) from  Institute Majorana Grugliasco began to cope with the harsh reality of many emerging problems: the management of collisions, graphics etc. but they didn’t given up. It ‘appeared an electric guitar and a new game born from a night intuition developed individually by a single competitor.
Without pausing a moment they made the final touches and we began the phase of the games presentation .. not without a few bumps 🙂
And finally the awards!
Diversifier the prize winners – Offered by T-Union TEAM: TRICOLOR TEAM with the game – a game about the features with beautiful graphics and 400 like on fb page in two days
Award winners AUDIENCE – Offered by the Treatabit TEAM: STUDIO 44 with the game M4athM4are – a play on prime numbers that was the most beloved of all jammers!
and then awarded by the jury:
THIRD PLACE – Offered by the Treatabit TEAM STUDIO 44 with the game M4thM4are
SECOND place- Offered by Digital Bros Game Academy – the Function Games team with the game Math Dungeon
FIRST PLACE – Offered by Synesthesia and Droidconf Italy – #Bombate am the team with the game – Under expressure

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Turin JamToday 2016 is a two days event bringing talented developers, artists and game designers together to team up and let their creativity flow and make their game ideas become reality. The theme of 2016 is “Learning Math with ADA” Experts support the development and award the best teams.
Turin JamToday 2016 is just one of many game jams of the European Game Jam Learning Hub, JamToday. Find more details at http://www.jamtoday.eu/about-us-2/about-us/

Jam Organiser

Eleonora Pantò