Turin Game Jam 2015

19-09-2015  to  20-09-2015

TURIN JAM TODAY continued @Festival Supernova

We were more than pleased to be part of the Supernova Festival this year in Turin. It’s a creative innovation festival that offers two days of conferences, meetings, digital labs, performances and interactive installations to talk about innovation and creativity. Turin Jam Today prepared an open workshop and invited not only the participants of the Game Jam but every other person interested to know more about Turin Jam Today and serious games in general.
Some of our teams were there and presented to the audience their games. There were also Agnese Vellar from Treatabit who summed up what exactly is a hackaton for people who don’t know and Marco Mazzaglia, founder of T-Union, who talked about the importance of a game jam as a mean that improves teamwork and creativity.






Turin Jam Today 2015 came to an end. A 48 hours hackathon which reunited talents from different fields such as videogames developers, 3D and 2D artists, game designers, psychologists, teachers and many more.
This year’s theme “And they lived healthier ever after” was undoubtedly very challenging but the teams haven’t disappointed us at all. As a matter of fact, the jury had a hard time to decide the winners at the end of the competition.
The hours were divided as follow: the first part of saturday was dedicated to some interesting and enlightening presentations. Later on, the division of the teams started and, with the help of the mentors, each group became even more complete.
And then the work started: hours and hours of brain storming to find the best idea for the serious game.
Some teams managed to find their inspiration from the first moment and others had to change their minds many times but at the end of this part they all started to give a life to what they had thought about during those endless hours.
Lemon Sherbet, Mat Team, Lulo Labs, Fratelli Geek, Zolfo and Raniguana were the names of our teams this year and after spending the night at Treatabit, finally, on sunday everyone presented their masterpiece.
“El gnomo loco”, the videogame created by Lulo Labs, won the “Special Mention” prize, whilst the board game by Mat Team “The circle of life” arrived second. But the first prize of this year’s Turin Jam Today went to the winners Fratelli Geek with their videogame “Gretel”

We also prepared a small video with a slideshow of what happened during the Jam. This video is also a part of our transmedia campaign — > SLIDESHOW VIDEO

And our final resume video of the whole TURIN JAM TODAY 2015 — > VIDEO TURIN JAM TODAY 2015





"Transmedia Campaign"

This year, we decided to create a “three-episodes” serie, explaining the importance of a serious game in different contexts.
Every episode ended with a QUIZ (from a simple question to something more challenging) and the participant’s job, as a brave and smart player, was to quickly go to our facebook page Turin Jam Today 2015 and solve the quiz.
Obviously, we chosen the most complete and correct answer and we comunicated the names of the winners directly during the Jam on the 19th of Septembre (one winner for each of the 3 quizzes). Each one of the players received a prize, a “Survival Kit”, which cheered them up during the 48 hours jam.
To make the game more simple, we helped the players, spreading hints all over our channels (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) using the hashtag #tjt15. Those hints were sometimes taken directly from sentences said by the guests during our pre-jam events at Lombroso16 and sometimes not, but at the end, many players participate and wanted to try to win. 

#episode1 ->  #episode1 VIDEO
#episode2 ->  #episode2 VIDEO
#episode3 ->  #episode3 VIDEO





Serious games and health events

We had the pleasure to prepare two pre-jam events at Lombroso 16, one of our generous contributors and here’s how they went:
Our first event at Lombroso 16 went incredibly good! We talked about serious games, gamification and many other important subjects concerning health and education.
A special thanks goes to our guests from T-Union and Streamagazine who made this talk very interesting in a fun and participatory way.
For example, one of the many questions dealt was about the game Angry Birds: is it really a teaser to teach our children the basic of physics? Are serious games a new way to have fun while learning important things?
The debate was very rich and full of different points of views but what is more important is that, regardless of what tool one uses, the way this tool is used is what matters the most.

As during the second event, on tuesday 15th, at Lombroso 16, we talked about freelancing in the international gaming industry with Davide Di Giannantonio and how to adopt a healthier lifestyle with Elisabetta Farina.
The subjects debated were apparently very contrasted but somehow they had a connection, they can be related as they can both create a serious game.
Davide summarized his work experience, starting from his studies to his collaboration in the videogame Halo2. He talked about how difficult it is for a freelancer 3D artist to work in Italy whilst it’s very known and common to do so abroad. One of the main problems Italy has, comparing to other foreign countries, is the lack of subjects concerning 3D modeling, developing videogames in the educational system.
The other part of the event was dedicated to the relation between healthy life and videogames. We talked about the thin difference between health and wellness and how sometimes people confuse these two. Elisabetta enlighted us on some aspects of our daily life, for example, on places where we usually keep our medicines. Is it really “ok” to store medicines in the bathroom’s locker?

The talk ended with a very interesting video, presented by professor Roberto Merletti from Lisin (Politecnico di Torino), showing an experiment of how you can move toy cars through muscles contraction.

HERE VIDEO 1 ->  First event Lombroso 16
HERE VIDEO 2 ->  Second event Lombroso 16



JamToday at the Turin International Book Fair on May 18th 2015


The 28th International Book Fair will be held from Thursday 14th to Monday, May 18th 2015 at Lingotto Fiere (via Nizza 280, 10126 – Turin). It’s the main book fair in Italy with 1,400 exhibitors, 12,500 teachers, and 13,089 publishers, booksellers, librarians, agents, illustrators and translators came together at the Salone.The main theme of the International Book Fair 2015 is the Wonders of Italy.  A wealth of art, architecture, literature, music, language and landscape, that have all combined to form the Italian character, identity and style that is appreciated and imitated all over the world.The relation beetwen games and learning is the topic of the workshop organized by CSP on Monday, 18th May at 4 PM. Eleonora Pantò  CSP and Stefano Menon Fondazione Politecnico Milano, both JamToday partners,  will discuss how applied games can be used in education, opportunity and challenges, and how JamToday supports teachers and game developers.See you there!

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More Info

Turin JamToday 2015 is a two days event bringing talented developers, artists and game designers together to team up and let their creativity flow and make their game ideas become reality. The theme of 2015 is “adopting healthier lifestyles” Experts support the development and award the best teams.
Turin JamToday 2015 is just one of many game jams of the European Game Jam Learning Hub, JamToday. Find more details at http://www.jamtoday.eu/about-us-2/about-us/

Jam Organiser

Eleonora Pantò