22-09-2016  to  22-09-2016

Wanted: creative minds to come up with clever, eloquent and inspiring forms of play in and around the food chain of the future. As a partner of TRANSMANGO, HKU organises a gamestorm that lets you looks at the impact of consumer behaviour on food security, the transition to a more sustainable food chain from production to consumption and everything in between and after that.
In an intense game-storm session, a combination between a game jam and a brainstorm, you will work together with other young professionals. You will come into contact with different creative interventions that can lead to previously unheard ideas.
In this case, these are ideas which will hopefully contribute to new models of a food chain and are responsive to the changing needs for sustainable food.
About Transmango
TRANSMANGO looks at the impact of consumer behaviour on food security. How do we recognize the changing needs of consumers in a way that all food is delivered to meet the needs of consumer? We also look at policies: what laws, rules or management ensure that the entire food chain is not disruptive while meeting the changing needs?
Finally, we look at the motivation of consumers and businesses to seek more sustainable food strategies. What does your customer, in terms of sustainability does, or does not, and why? Where you as a company should or should not invest in food from the viewpoint of sustainability, and why?
More info and signing up:
The game-storm is commissioned by TRANSMANGO in collaboration with the University of Leuven, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, JamToday and experts from the field of sustainable food strategies.
KU Leuven Campus Arenburg
Celestijnenlaan 200E
Want to join?
Sign up at before September 15.
Please do so quickly, because there is limited room!
Participation is free and the organization provides snacks and drinks, plus materials to get you started.
Anyone can join, we will do everything possible to offer you an exciting experience.
This Game Storm is a collaboration between the TRANSMANGO Consortium, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and JamToday!

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Date: 22 SEPT 2016
Time: 10:00-16:00

KU Leuven Campus Arenburg
Celestijnenlaan 200E


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