JamToday Game Jam Netherlands 2015

12-06-2015  to  14-06-2015

JamToday Game Jam (Netherlands) Theme: Sleep Well

Together with regional health experts we have narrowed down the theme for this year’s JamToday jam to: “Sleep Well”. This way we hope to give a creative spin to the theme “and they live healthier ever after” and come up with applied games for a specific goal: to improve good habits involving sleep.  

After many explorative talks with regional stakeholders we got in touch with Lisette Jongbloets who is a youth healthcare expert at Gemeente Utrecht. In her daily work she talks with many teenagers who have issues related to exhaustion and bad sleeping habits (e.g. staying up late, using smartphone in bed). Although gaming and sleeping seem like opposite activities, we think the creative challenge of bringing these two together can bring some interesting results. 

There are a couple of games that already seem to approach this theme in insipiring ways: 
-Nott Won’t Sleep (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADZ-XAkMams)
-Dreeps (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bxKTsEpNxo)
-Wake Up Club (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcY53vN1zg4)

Jam on and sleep well!

Pitch for students Creative College

Monday 20 April JamToday partner HKU and DGG will visit Creative College, the partner in this Jam. Students are told about the value and background of this Jam.

Preliminary program

Friday 12 June
16:00 kick off
20.00 presentation of first ideas to team of experts
22.00 end of program

Saturday 13 June
8.00 start of program
afternoon: expert intervention using JamToday Game Scope
22.00 end of program

Sunday 14 June
8.00 start of program
16.00 presentations and judging
19.00 end of program

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More Info

The Game Jam in Utrecht is organised with the following partners: Creative College (ROC MN), Economic Board Utrecht, city of Utrecht, HKU en Dutch Game Garden. Students of Creative College (vocational education) will participate in the Jam together with students from HKU, game companies and experts.

Jam Organiser

Christel van Grinsven