Jam Today – Glasgow

26-09-2014  to  28-09-2014

Jam Today Glasgow Games - Out of Pit

Out of the Pit is a game that attempts to teach Boolean logic.

The goal of the game is to use blocks which map onto logic gate(OR, AND, XOR, NAND, NOR) to solve puzzles. These blocks are used to wire the level together and will be used to open doors, toggle switches and move objects. 

The game looks fantastic and has some really interesting technology under the hood. The programmers in the team have created a system which sends pulses of data down a ‘wire’. These wires can then be connected to Game Objects to trigger off pretty much any property or event.


JAM TODAY GLASGOW GAMES - Programming Planet

Programming Planet is a game which acts as an Contextual Hub which teachers can use to enhance their teaching of Programming Concepts.

In the game the School Pupils have to answer a series of question on programming topics, if they get the answer right then the students are awarded achievements. The game also comes with instructions on how to integrate it into the classroom.

Looks a very interest approach on how to get pupils and teachers working together.

Some of the images from the Game can be seen at the following URLs

Jam Today Glasgow

Uploading Your Game

To submit a Game for the Jam you first need to register on the website at the following URL


Once you have register and logged in, you can find to link to upload the game under your account(click on the dropdown arrow next to your name on the website).

This will open up a pop window and you will need the following information

1) Game Title
2) Short Description
3) Optional URL(this can be a website for your game or a public link to you game on a service such as dropbox)
4) Select the Jam Today – Glasgow from Created At Event dropdown
5) Team Name
6) Team Members name, these should be separated by a comma
7) Your Game Project files, Executable and all assets packaged in a zip file(2GB max). If the project is larger than 2GB please use the Optional URL to point to a public link in a service such as dropbox.

Can you please upload your game before 6pm on Sunday?

Jam Today Glasgow Games - Bendy Bob

Bendy Bob is one of the game that is being created in the Glasgow leg of the JamToday.

The goal of Bendy Bob is to guide a broken robot through the level using a custom simplified programming language which allows you to interact with the World and solve simple puzzles.

The team have done a great job, they have built a parser for their own simple programming language and then translating that into actions in the Game World. The Game also has really nice artwork with a style that is suitable for all ages which ties in really nice with the broken Robot concept.

Check out the video below to see the game in action

Jam Today - Glasgow - Day 2 Update

We are now into the 2nd day and teams are beavering away creating their games.
Most teams seem to be hitting their stride and bringing in artwork. Stay tuned for details of each game.

Pizza Tastic

We started with 14 Pizza’s and we only have a quarter of a pizza left

Jam Today - And we are off

The theme has been announced and now people are starting to brainstorm.

Everyone seems to be buzzing with ideas.

Jam Today - Glasgow Theme

Theme for the Jam is –

Develop a game that stimulates teachers and learners  to work together with coding logic in order to promote critical thinking, creativity and design

Day 1 - Jam Timetable

The timetable for the first day of Jam is as follows

1800 : Arrival and Registration
1830 : Welcome Presentation
1840 : Presentation: Game Based Learning – David Farrell
1850 : Presentation: Game Jam Tips & Hints – Phil Harris
1900 : Theme Announcement – Brian McDonald
1905 : Brainstorming
1920 : Pitches & Team Forming
1930 : Jamming
2030 : Dinner
2100 onwards: Jamming

Day 0 - Location, Location, Location

The Jam is nearly here, so I thought I would give some directions to the location.


The Jam is going to be held in the Student Association Building at Glasgow Caledonian University. 

Glasgow Caledonian University is located very near the City Centre and is a few minutes walk away from Buchanan Bus Station, 10 minutes away from Queen’s Street Train Station and Glasgow Central.


The Student Association Building is at the North Hanover Street entrance(Building 5 on the map below), there should be signage that gives direction to the venue. The Jam will take part on the ground floor in the Student Social Space. The easiest way to get to the room is enter the lift and get it down to the Ground Floor and you should see the Social Space.


If you do get lost, please Tweet the organiser Brian McDonald – https://twitter.com/BigBearScot

Hope everyone has a great time, and here is to a good Jam.

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