JamToday II Game Jam Asturias Spain 2015

11-06-2015  to  13-06-2015

... and the winner is...!

_MG_4316Healthy Boys with the game Healthy Child!

Heatlhy Child is a game aimed at children and adolescents for the promotion of healthy habits. It uses a classic Arcade game mechanics, such as it could be used in Tetris or Arkanoid, thus joining playful and educational aspect. In Healthy Child, the character must live as many years as possible maintaining healthy habits. The player must select the healthiest objects that fall from the sky, balancing parameters of hungry, toxicity andhealth

Healthy Boys, the team winner is composed by Pablo Alvarez Cano, Daniel Berzocana López, David Figueiras García, Julio César García Noval, Felipe González Fanjul and Javier Vicente Herrero

Last day in Asturias Game Jam with a well-balanced Jury!

Well-balanced Jury for JamToday II Game Jam Asturias, with three health sector experts,  three games sector experts and one  from CEEI Asturias. On the right hand we can see Health sector experts: first term Begoña and Amalia, Managers from health areas I and III, corresponding to Jarrio and Avilés Hospitals. Then, we find Ricardo Llavona, Chef of Rehabilitation in Hospital Valle del Nalón and member o_MG_4187f health experts group for the development of this game jam edition in JamToday Project.

Then, members and experts from game sector. Next one is Jorge Sanchez, President of UNEVA, the Association of videogames companies in Asturias, who is also CEO in Bigtree Games, a company producing not only games for pure entertainment but also for health sector. Carmen Carro is the Managing Director of ESNE, the organization providing knowledge and competences to our present and future generations of game developers. Finally, Alejandro González, CEO from the company Milkstone Studios, a technology-based company with their own engine for the development of games so relevants, such as Ziggurat, wtith two Awards in Gamelab 2015: Best Game for Consola and Best Game for the Public.

Since we are talking about SMEs, entrepreneurship, technology and new opportunities for  innovation in games sector, CEEI Asturias as organiser of the II Game Jam should be involved in the Jury. Cristina Fanjul, Deputy Manager of the organisation is the last member to evaluate games and teams in this jam

And the winner is…




Ricardo Llavona and staff from CEEI Asturias in JamToday experts meeting

Reunion expertos salud_BruselasCEEI Asturias, for the development of the II Game Asturias has counted with the health expert Ricardo Llavona Fernández, Cheaf of Rehabilitation Area in Hospital Valle del Nalon.
In February he took part in the experts meeting of JamToday Project in Brussels, where they established in common the guidelines for the Game Jams developed in 2015 around the topic Health and Wellbeing. He also participated the previous day in Fair JamToday 2015 with the conference ‘Designing Technologies for Health Initiatives’

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More Info

II Game Jam Asturias is organised by CEEI Asturias. Since the theme for the JamToday Game Jams in 2015 is Adopting healthier lifestyles, the Game Jam from Asturias will be developed in the Vivero de Ciencias de la Salud de Oviedo (Asturias). This is a business incubator focused on Health Sciences projects, located very close to the new hospital of the region (HUCA)


Jam Organiser

Ana Mendez