Here comes a TIC Challenger. I Game Jam Asturias

12-06-2014  to  14-06-2014

News about I Game Jam in Asturias

Last 12th, 13th and 14th June has been developed I Game Jam in the region of Asturias, hosted by CEEI Asturias in collaboration with the University of Oviedo and the company PixelsHub under the support of European projects BooGames (Interreg IVC) and Jam Today (CIP) as well as with the contribution from Telecable and ‘El Comercio’.

IMG_1906During three intense days, 27 people passionate in video game world have focused their energies and creativity in shaping games and exchange knowledge, skills and opportunities around the platforms and interactive technologies. With diverse backgrounds and experiences, developers, graphic designers, illustrators and game designers shared hours and hours of hard work in a dynamic and motivating environment in which there was also time for fun.IMG_1797

As stressed the deputy manager from CEEI Asturias, Cristina  Fanjul in the opening ceremony, this event was designed to  raise awareness of business opportunities in game sector. The main motivation to participate in the Game Jam has been to acquire skills in the entire game development, since this sector will increase its turnover over the next three years, according to the recently published White Paper Game in Spain.

 This I Game Jam has also had an additional dimension: show the game as a learning tool to get skills on ICT and the purpose was supported in Asturias under the slogan “Here comes a TIC challenger”.

To achieve the goal, an initial introduction around the topic was done by Santiago Martin, professor at the University of Oviedo and all involved teams counted the 3 days with the support from L. Carlota Fernández, pedagogue and researcher in videogames and education, providing the educational guidelines to maximize that dimension.

As a result, 6 games were developed under 6 original and fun proposals that can contribute with their bit of sand to digital challenge. There was a surprise when an added extra game appeared, developed last minute by the group of experts, who divided their time providing expertise among all groups and working quickly to present their own project.

The jury, which also involved all teams participating in the Jam, considered it was difficult to select aIMG_1911 winner game, since there were games around computer literacy, the use of interfaces, security management, improve psychomotor skills or searching people in the network. Finally, in a tight vote the winner was Team 3 Super Typer, composed by Rafael del Riego Fernández-Nespral, Sergio Jiménez Jiménez, Pablo Garcia and Maria Bertrand Piris River, with a fun and dynamic game to learn and improve skills typing. I_Game_Jam1200x200png

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More Info

I Game Jam in Asturias, is organised by CEEI Asturias together with the University of Oviedo and developed from 12th to 14th June. The event is focused on game companies, game business projects and students

CEEI Asturias is oriented to support innovative companies, mainly those technology based, so since its establishment has provided business support services to games entrepreneurs and companies as well as access to finance, training or incubation services for companies from this sector. CEEI Asturias has been working in the development of Gamelab in Asturias for its 7 first editions. Between 2004-2008, when it was promoted as a lecture series organized in the framework of the Laboratory for videogames in the University and later, when Gamelab was organised in the region under a format of a singular and pioneer event on electronic leisure till 2011. That year Gamelab was moved to Barcelona, where is developed yearly.

Since 2013, CEEI Asturias promotes’Lets Game Asturias’, an acceleration program for video games business projects in the Principality of Asturias, which is an intensive program to provide high-added value resources to videogames entrepreneurs through the combination of training sessions and mentoring, business advice and networking

EU level, CEEI Asturias is member of BooGames Project (2012-2014) to boost game sector in EU and JamToday (2014-2016)

Jam Organiser

Ana Mar Méndez