GLAMGames 2016 – 1125@Carleton

27-05-2016  to  29-05-2016

Girls Learning About Math (GLAM) Games

By: Isinsu Sakalli
1125@Carleton was very excited to host the JamToday GameJam event this year from May 27th – 29th at Carleton University. Motivated by IBM’s movement in encouraging young girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), we have fine tuned the GameJam challenge to focus on designing games to support grade 6, 7, & 8 girls in learning math.With that in mind, we gathered an enthusiastic group of women to design activities in any capacity to make a difference in the way females of all ages experience and considered STEM.Opening Night!The night began with inspirational speeches from our sponsors-Krista Shibata from the Women in Technology Initiative at IBM Canada, and Jillian Mood from the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

Once research analysis was complete, the girls wasted no time, and began to identify problems, gain insights, and ideate on potential game directions.


Co-Design Game DevelopmentAs the sun rose on Saturday morning, the women were already busy designing in the 1125@Carleton studio by 7AM. Throughout the event, many female designers and youth kindly volunteered their time to join in on the challenge. Each group received valuable feedback from both professionals and users throughout the day.

At a quick pace, the games were taking form as the teams worked until midnight!
Judging Time!Sunday afternoon, while the teams were hectically completing their games and preparing their presentations, our 5 judges arrived;Krista Shibata Leader at Women in Technology Initiative, IBM CanadaJennifer Collins Partnerships Centre for Advanced Studies, IBM Canada LabMauwena Torkornoo Special Projects and Research Facilitator in the Faculty of Engineering & Design, Carleton UniversityJillian Mood International Game Developers Association (IGDA)Mike Desjardins Game Developer & Ottawa Game Jam Co-FounderSteph Daudlin Partner at GSBD Technologies


It was time to present and each team did a spectacular job at demonstrating their games!Team #1: Mathemagicians Game: Travel MathTravel Math is a math trivia game the players answer as they travel around the world. What makes this game unique is it adjust the difficulty of the questions to each player’s abilities. The game also encouraged collaboration amongst the players and a better understanding of how math can be applied doing something that many people love – to travel!
Team #2: Girls in BootsGame: Puss’ JourneyPuss’ Journey follows the story of Puss in Boots but with a quirky math spin! Want to help Puss assist a Pegasus find her way? Create a platform to comb an Ogre’s hair? Join Puss in her odd journey of tasks as she applies her math skills to help a weird kingdom find peace.
Team #3: TO2Game: Matika MateMatika Mate is an Android two player game to practice grades 6,7 & 8 math skills. Challenge your mates with a race to answer the most problems correctly and brush up on your math skills while you’re doing it. Learn about significant women in STEM fields, unlock new games as you complete the levels, and earn trophies along the way!Have fun preparing for math tests without even realizing it. The first version of Matika Mate has two games for studying Geometry (Nets and Classifying shapes) and one game for Measurement (calculating perimeter, area and volume).
And the verdict…. The winning team was TO2!Congratulations to team TO2 (Tiana, Olivia, & Olivia) as the first winners of GLAMGames! These three ladies will be presenting their game, Matika Mate at the European Network of Living Lab’s OpenLivingLab Days on August, 2016 in Montreal!


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TOP-1000x212Girls Learning About Math (GLAM) Games at 1125@Carleton

Bring your laptop, bring your caffeine, and bring your passion for making games!

May 27 to 29 is time for girls to GameJam!

GLAMGames 2016 is a 48-hour event that brings talented female developers, artists and game designers together in teams to make their game ideas into real concepts.

This year’s theme is Girls Learning About Math (GLAM). Teams will be challenged to develop innovative solutions for games/apps that provide creative concepts for Grade 6 to 8 girls to learn/practice math skills. GLAMGames can be anything from 2D-Puzzle to 3D-Video to Strategic Board games!

Participation is FREE!

There will be 48-hour access to the 1125@Carleton living lab space at Carleton University and delicious snacks, meals and coffee will be provided throughout the event. More importantly, it’s a time to have fun with other women and to support girls’ abilities in STEM skills because women are underrepresented in STEM fields.

Let your creativity flow with other women in the gaming-development community!

GLAMGames is women-only in order to promote women in the gaming industry. If you are 18 years or older, female, and have knowledge of some aspect of game development, such as game design, graphic design, industrial design, art, human computer interaction design, information technology design, software design or programming, you are eligible to participate.

Jam Organiser

Pierre Mersch