Enti-Citilab Jam Today 2016

06-05-2016  to  08-05-2016

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Enti-UB and Citilab are happy to propose you to be part of the next GameJam! 2016 game.

In this Game Jam we propose an extraordinary experience where to explore everything you need to design these amazing games that build on the dream land by Seymour Papert, one in which the students enjoy being computational thinkers playing and designing educational games related to math.

We cannot allow young people flee from STEM fields, because the curriculum is too abstract and the technology is seen as something magical, dark that is only revealed in the minds more illuminated.

No one should be afraid to program! It is necessary to encourage youngsters to discover mathematics! Acquire the skills of the 21st century! These are some of our challenges!

Jam Organiser

laia sánchez