Enti-Citilab Jam Today 2015

18-09-2015  to  20-09-2015

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Enti-UB and Citilab are happy to propose you to be part of the next GameJam!
2015 game’ challenges ask us to develop games to encourage healthy lifestyles.
Both prevention and healthy behaviors are crucial to keep us healthy and a lot has to do with motivation.

Games engage us by delivering powerful motivational elements to drive success in our new behavior by experiencing fun and keeping us on track.

When we have fun we deliver energy for free. We love to live new experiences that feed our senses, that allow us to express ourselves freely, while living fantasies and facing challenges. Therefore games accomplish when learning through discovery. ENTI-UB and Citilab are proud to invite you all to our next Jam:

Let’s develop Games while serving them for true purposes ;-)

When: Next Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of July,
Where: Citilab, Plaça can Suris s/n

www: http://enti.cat/es/

The School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) was founded based on a desire and a need: the desire to share, in Barcelona, the educational programs and training that some of the top universities in the world are already offering, and the need to contribute to the burgeoning videogame cluster within our city by connecting with the top creative professionals of the field. ENTI-UB offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Digital Contents offered, affiliated with the University of Barcelona (hereinafter UB), and therefore this is the first university degree within the applied games field in Spain. Project-based learning and experiential projects where our students ACT and learn on how to REACT.

Citilab is a center for social and digital innovation in Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona. Exploits and spreads the digital impact on creative thinking, design and innovation emerging from digital culture. Citilab is a mix between a training center, a research center and an incubator for business and social initiatives. This project started with the idea that digital technologies, specifically Internet, are a way of innovation much more focused on citizens.

Jam Organiser

laia sánchez