Why JamToday?

JamToday supports the creation, implementation and deployment of educational games by creating methods and tools and by providing a central learning hub for participating organisations that will ensure that stakeholders maintain a balanced understanding of the main issues, and the implementation hurdles that need to be overcome.

The JamToday Network explained by JamToday members from JamToday on Vimeo.

JamToday also provides game jam tools, self-assessment modules, expert advice and the exchange of best practice.

Through these activities JamToday aims to provide a bridge between different sectors to guarantee the successful uptake of the next generation of educational games across Europe.

All over Europe young people are playing computer games regularly and picking up new skills and knowledge informally.

But if Europe is to compete more effectively, our citizens must achieve greater digital competences and our learning environments must incorporate technology in more useful and meaningful ways.

Changing the way games are perceived and used in learning context is now not a game, but a necessity.

Students need to be able not only to play games but also to make them. We need to be able to both read and write.

To do this, the Jam Today network is bringing together the different people who are involved the process of designing and deploying game-based approaches to learning.

And we offer the necessary information, expert guidance, tools and support for you to get involved in a practical manner.



In these videos JamToday members explain some key concepts (such as applied games, game jams, etc.) of the JamToday Network.

Willem-Jan Renger from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht explains what are game jams and how the JamToday network organises game jams for applied-games and why these are different from regular game jams?

This video highlights how game jams are a good way to bring stakeholders together to solve societal challenges using game design principles.

Christel van Grinsven (Operating Manager at Dutch Game Garden) explains what are applied games and how the JamToday Network runs game jams for applied games and why it is different from regular game jams.

Willem-Jan Renger from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht explains what are applied games and how JamToday tries to bring professionals from the entertainment games sector to applied games.

Christel van Grinsven (operations Manager at the Dutch Game Garden) explains what is a game jam for applied games and how the JamToday Network provides tools to run such game jams.

We have also asked some of our stakeholders to explain why participating in a game jam was useful for them.