What is the JamToday Network?

The JamToday Network was set-up in 2014 with the support from the European Commission Programme CIP-ICT-PSP.

JamToday is the first pan-European Network dedicated to applied game design. It brings together different types of partners (such as creative clusters, game companies, education and research institutes, public sector institutions, municipalities etc.) from various sectors, fields and expertise for running game jams across Europe to make a real change in making games on themes like eSkills, Health & Wellbeing and Learning Maths and applying them in learning environments.

We are keen to involve everyone who is involved in these issues, from game designers to educational psychologists, from creative enterprises to industry associations, from teachers to policy advisors.

JamToday has developed and tested a toolkit that gives you everything you need to set up and run successful game jams on your chosen topics. Our members from across Europe can also provide practical advice and support.

You can now apply to join the JamToday Network.
Once we’ll have reviewed your application, we will contact you as soon as possible.