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The value of game-based learning is gradually becoming clear, with many ‘serious games’ now being developed. However little attention is given to how to implement these games in learning environments and how to make sure there are significant learning outcomes. With the JamToday network, we aim to use game design principles not just to create useful and meaningful games, but also to explicate and design the context (such as the classroom or curriculum) in which games can be most effectively implemented and used.

Digital Competence

Game Jams have been organised for several years around the world and are a powerful instrument to stimulate innovation in the creation, development and deployment of educational games.  They offer the possibility to develop an idea into a potentially innovative solution around specific themes while at the same time offering the opportunity to explore the process of development (e.g. programming, iterative design, narrative exploration or artistic expression).


Each year, JamToday will set up game jams in several locations across Europe. Every JamToday competition will focus on a particular theme and each year a pan European conference will be organized around one of the main areas of application, namely:

• Improving ICT skills (such as learning coding skills or creating games)

• Adopting healthier lifestyles (such as healthy eating or changing antisocial behaviour)

• Supporting learning of mathematics (such as sustaining engagement)

… & You

JamToday brings together stakeholders in these areas and will provide opportunities to collaborate at local, regional, national and European levels by establishing a series of game jams and events/festivals around the main areas of application.

Upcoming Game Jams & Events

Moray Game Jam

The Moray Game Jam is possibly the first large scale game jam to take place this far north in the UK.

Game Networking Day

Mainly a networking event between stakeholders and participants in Lets Game Asturias.

SeriGamEx, Rome

The conference scope is to present the concepts and the basics of SGs to decision makers at a government level.

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